11 Plus Writing Task + Marking and Feedback Service

See your child's writing reach maximum potential with our targeted service for grammar school students.

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including video tutorials and writing prompts, along with video-based assessments of your child's work. Our approach amplifies their chances of success in the 11+ selection tests and independent (private) school entrance exams while providing feedback to enhance their creativity and writing skills.

Our marking service gets results fast - and it's cheaper than a tutor!

Course Overview

    • Writing Tasks and Details
    • About Your Instructor
    • Start Here
    • How to structure your essay
    • How long should your essay be?
    • Keep It Simple
    • Spellings - How to Avoid Falling in the Pit
    • Where To Find Short Story Ideas
    • Submit Your Work Here
    • Wrapping Things Up
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11 Plus Writing Task + Marking and Feedback Service