Independent School Interview Course

Congratulations - if your child has reached this part of the journey in the preparation process for entry into an independent school, you are at the last leg of the race!

Working on academics and ensuring your child's work is as close to perfection as possible is one thing, but these days, independent schools also interview the children - and some schools even interview parents, too!

You may be wondering what your child needs to do, what your child needs to say, and what these interview questions may be.

You probably won't be the first parent to have these questions - independent schools don't provide sample interview questions. In fact, some of the most popular searches that are related to the 11 Plus are about interview questions for independent schools.

That's why I've created a short coaching course that will equip your child in a way that they won't get at school. While you may have tried at home, it can feel like you're taking a stab in the dark because you may feel unsure if you're working on the right areas of preparation.

While you can search online for tips and advice on the independent school interview process, the information is scanty.

Moreover, how do you know it was written by someone who knows what they are talking about?

I've been prepping children for these interviews for a number of years - with excellent success rates at some of the top independent schools in the country. My eldest child has successfully navigated the process, having been interviewed for not one, two or even three independent schools but seven! There's nothing like real market research by children.

Add to that the hundred or so students I have put through the process, who have told me all the questions they were asked during their interviews and it should become clear that your child will receive up-to-date and valuable insight into what schools are asking children these days.

As if that's not enough, once upon a time, I also went through the same independent school interview process, for which I also successfully gained entry.

The Independent School Interview Course

With one or two clicks to enrol your child for this course, you can know that your child is preparing in the right way for the independent school interviews.

Get clarity on the independent school interview and understand what is required to pass the interview stage.

✓ This comprehensive course includes tutorials on everything you and your child need to make a positive and lasting impression at their private school interview.

✓ You will also access a booklet containing 50 independent school interview questions that we have compiled from actual independent school interviews our students have attended in the UK's top schools during the past ten years!

Plus Our 40-Page Bonus Guides, Worth £15

Your purchase will also give you access to our amazing guides:

✓ The Independent School Interview Guide
✓ Activities Used in the Independent School Interview

No matter the age bracket, be it 10 Plus, 11 Plus or 13 Plus admissions, our invaluable guides are an absolute must-have for a seamless interview process!

Our guides will give you:

✓ A detailed breakdown of what happens during an independent school interview, including how long it will last, whether your child will be interviewed alongside other applicants, and what they should wear to make a good impression.

✓ In-depth insight into what independent schools look for in applicants and how to help your child stand out from the crowd.

✓ Tips for conducting a mock interview with your child, including the right questions to ask to help them prepare. If your child is preparing for a boarding school interview, our guide offers advice on managing potential homesickness and building resilience.

✓ Actionable tips on how to research the school in advance of the interview, along with what questions to ask to demonstrate your interest in the school.

✓ Advice on what happens after the interview, including how to help your child get accepted into their desired school.

Take A Look At The Schools Our Guides and Courses Help Children Get Into!

Our independent school interview guides and courses have helped numerous students gain admission to some of the most prestigious independent schools throughout the country. With our comprehensive resources, you'll have everything you need to prepare your child for interview success and maximise their chances of acceptance. Take a look at just some of the schools our guides and courses have helped students get into, and see for yourself the difference our programme can make. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to secure your child's future!

Independent School Interview Course Content

On this short course, your child will learn:

  1. How to handle introductions.

  2. How to sit during the independent school interview process.

  3. How to answer independent school interview questions.

  4. How to prepare questions to ask during the independent school interview process.

  5. Interactive Digital Course – The best kind of learning is the kind that your child will be able to connect to and interact easily with, and that’s why my independent school interview course is 100% digital for today’s digitally-native youth.

  6. In-Depth Lessons and Practice – Make sure your child is not leaving out relevant information when answering questions by ensuring your child gets a thorough review and practice to get their interview skills down pat.

  7. Bonus - 50 interview questions to practice!

With one or two clicks to enrol your child for this course, you can know that your child is preparing in the right way for the independent school interviews.

Are you wondering what your child needs to do, what your child needs to say, and what the independent school interview questions could be? Register now and get:

Complete Guide To 11 Plus Interviews

No stone is left unturned with this course - from academic scholarship interview tips to body language - everything is covered in this course!

Free Guide With 50 Independent School Interview Questions

A list of questions was compiled in the past decade, so you can take the guessing game out of what questions to work on with your child.

Video Question Quizzes

We aim to make the course fun for children, so we have included videos to test your child on independent school interview questions - so you don't have to do all the preparation!

Course Overview

    • Welcome to the Course
    • About Your Instructor
    • Outline and Objectives
    • An Overview of What to Expect and How to Prepare your Child For The Independent School Interview
    • How To Prepare For The Independent School Interview
    • The Independent School Interview: Understanding the Process
    • Body Language
    • Finding interview questions for the independent school interview
    • How to find interview questions
    • The Group Interview: Interactive activities to prepare your child for during independent school interviews
    • What To Avoid During The Independent School Interview
    • Tips On What is Acceptable To Wear and What To Avoid
    • The Independent School Interview Preparation: From a Successful Student's Perspective
    • What To Do If Your Child Is Unwell On The Day Of The 11 Plus Interview
    • How do you answer difficult questions gracefully?
    • How do you prepare for an academic scholarship interview?
    • How To Prepare For The Online Independent School Interview
    • Going Beyond this Course
    • Bonus - 50 Interview Questions Booklet
    • A Short List of Independent School Interview Examples and Sample Answers
    • Independent School Interview Video Practice 1
    • 11 Plus Interview timer: 20 Questions
    • Activities Used in Independent School Interview Guide
    • Independent School Interview Guide
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Independent School Interview Course