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Online Reading Club - Year 5

Group Program


The Geek Readers Online Reading Club offers:

  • Interactive online reading sessions tailored for children in year 5.

  • Weekly online reading sessions where your child can discuss the classical texts, ask questions and build their reading confidence.

  • Free unlimited access to the Geek Readers Bookshelf, featuring a vast collection of classic books for your child to explore.

  • Our course is perfect for children who don't enjoy reading on their own, find reading boring, or those who struggle to try different genres of books.

  • We will delve into word meanings, explain old English phrases, spelling and grammar - and so much more!

With your subscription, your child will be able to access a weekday or Saturday online reading session - or both!

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Get free access to the Geek Readers Bookshelf so your child can access hundreds of books!